10 Cricketers who got Caught up in Sex Scandals

Sex Scandals of Cricketers

Modern day cricket has become cash rich with several domestic and private tournaments being played all over the globe. This had 2 effects on the very game of cricket, one being that playing, and player standard have risen over the year and we can now see many cricketers who have made their lives by performing on the global stage. Second good it has done that the game has been reaching out to more people around the world now and we see increased participation from associate nations. With the players getting richer and famous, they have become the role models of the society and each of their actions is being scrutinized by the population.

This extra focus on the lives of these players does not spare their personal space and the sometimes dark truth comes out of it. We have seen numerous cases of players and management being involved in some unethical practices like match fixing, spot fixing, illegal betting, ball tempering etc. However, some people were caught with the way they live their personal lives and how they use the money earned. Many cricketers and officials were caught it the past with their connections to sex scandals. The list below provides you with 10 famous controversial figures of the cricketing world know to the people.

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Shane Warne

Shane Warne

This person is the 2nd highest wicket taker in test cricket and for the most part of his career, he was known for his riveting leg spin bowling. However, many times he caught spotlight with his behavior and off the field controversies. He has been involved with numerous models and was seen on tape getting naughty with them. He was also accused of harassing a British nurse named Donna Wright. He was also seen to have been partying with Melbourne strippers and had extra marital affairs too. He is married many times and came into spotlight again in IPL 2011 season when he kissed his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley openly in the stadium during a match.

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Chris Gayle

chris gayle

Another figure to have more than one controversy to his name. The Jamaican opener is known for his off the field image along with the power-hitting skill he possesses.  During BBL 2015-16, he asked out a reporter on live television and then later was accused by an Australian masseur of the showing of his genitals during Cricket World Cup 2015.

He also made headlines when his photos of “socializing” with 3 British women in a hotel room in Sri Lanka during ICC World T20 2012, surfaced in media. He is a true party animal and does not think twice before speaking his mind out, which he did when he was interviewed by Times magazine journalist Charlotte Edwardes and he bragged about his “very, very big bat” and even asked her if she dyes her pubic hairs. Clearly an entertaining personality both on and off the field.


Kevin Piertersen

Kevin Pietersen Vanessa Nimmo sex

The Englishman was brought into this list when his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Nimmo revealed that Kevin is a sex-addict and how he used to pester her to go to bed with him. Vanessa was ‘Playboy’ model and contestant in ‘Big Boss’ show. Kevin dumped her when things did not work out between them.


Ian Botham


He was on of the finest all-rounder that ever played the game. He was amongst the very few who has received the knighthood. But even he was not perfect in his personal life. It is known the he had an extra marital affair with an Australian waitress and with former Miss Barbados Lindy Field.


Shahid Afridi

sahid afridi

Afridi was caught along with teammates Hasan Raza and Atiq-uz-Zaman, in a Karachi hotel room with a group of young women. He paid the price even after pleading that he was innocent, as Pakistan Cricket Board dropped the 3 players from the team that played the ICC Champions Trophy same year.

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Herschelle Gibbs


He is an entertaining personality like Shane Warne and Chris Gayle. He made some revelations about his sex life in his own book. The most famous of all the incident was in the 1999 World Cup match against Australia. He pointed out that he knew beforehand that he is going to score a century in the match as the inspiration came from the lady lying right next him, whom he befriended at the hotel he was staying in.

Mike Gatting

Former England captain was accused of an illicit involvement with the barmaid in his hotel during the Trent Bridge test match against West Indies. Mike maintained that he was innocent but English authorities thought otherwise.

Daryl Tuffey

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His scandal came to the forefront in 2005 when 2 English tourists taped him having sex with a 23-year-old girl. However, after the tape surfaced no one came ahead and even the girl denied any involvement.


Mohammad Akram & Saqlain Mushtaq

Mohammad Akram and Saqlain Mushtaq

It was believed that both visited a strip club named “Club 69” in South Africa and got into a fight. However, it was presented to media that these players were mugged outside their hotel and got hurt.


Asad Rauf

Daryl Tuffey

A surprise inclusion to the list of players. The tainted Pakistani umpire was part of the ICC elite panel of umpires when a 21-year-old Indian model named Leena Kapoor accused Rauf of sexually exploiting her on the pretext of marriage. Rauf maintained that she is just a fangirl but could not prove the claims. He was later found involved in illegal betting during IPL games and since then never heard of.

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Andre Nel

Andre Nel with his wifeImage Source

When it comes to controversy Andre Nel is a worthy inclusion. He was allegedly in a relationship with a blonde Latvian Jelena Kultiasova without letting the model know about his marital status. He never told Jelena that he was married and she figured it out herself by searching online.

In 2010 she slammed Andre Nel for hiding his marriage and being a cheat.


West Indies Team

West Indies cricketer having fun with girls

Image Source

West Indies over the years has earned the reputation of being a fun off the sport because there was nothing much to talk about on field. In the year 2005 West Indies crashed out in the VB series with 5 defeats in 6 matches. Infuriated team sponsor Digicel screwed the players for having “more telephone numbers of women than runs”.

In a leaked document Digicel representative Richard Nowell stated that having numerous doors banging and female voices were audible throughout the Australian tour.

He said “As a former professional cricketer and having toured with England on three occasions, I know men need to have fun while on tour,”

“But not at the expense of their performance. Even in Perth, the most crucial time of the tour, one player had flown in a girl from Adelaide.”, he further stated.

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