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What is 9stacks?


Founded in 2016 by 3 IITians and 1 IIM-A alumnus, 9stacks is India’s most trusted online poker game with private tables and public tournaments.

The game can be played on both PC and mobile devices (both Android and iOS) across 24 states in India. They claim that their poker rooms are the safest in India because of its user-friendly interplay and transparency in financial activities. What makes 9stacks different from their competitors are their lucrative promotions; they offer many promo codes, special offers, and coupons to their users.

The software provides a comfortable and speedy experience to the users. Players can also participate in the web-version of the poker rooms. Users also get an advantage to play in private tables in this web-version room which can be accessed via password.

To maximize user experience, the app has introduced its loyalty program called “Stack Up”. This program enables the players to earn stack up points that can be converted into special chips. These special chips can be used in the game, for participating in tournaments or for buying specialized merchandise.

They have recently launched a Skills dashboard, which offers full analysis to the users of their own strategies and helps them to better their game.

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How to Create an account in 9stacks?9stacks Registration

You can either play for free poker tournaments which happen every hour, every day on 9stacks. Or play on cash tables as a new poker player. They have 1/2 paisa tables that you can use to play regularly and get exposure to new playing styles on a daily basis.

To begin with, you must make a 9stacks account. The registration procedure for the same is:

Step 1: Open the 9stacks website and look for an option to register. As an alternative, you can also download its mobile application (available for Android and iOS) and make a 9stacks account.

Step 2: To register you need to enter your mobile number. You will get an OTP on your mobile number and you need to enter that OTP.

Step 3: Then you need to enter your email address and password. And also make a username for yourself. If you have a promo code/referral code, you can use it here while registering. After all, is done, click on the create account button and your account is generated.

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Deposit Methods on 9stacks Website

9stacks Deposit Methods

Step 1: Since it deals in real money transactions, there is a need to complete your KYC. For that, you need to mention your PAN Card details. KYC completion will also give you a bonus of Rs. 100 in your poker balance.

Step 2: Once the KYC is completed, you can start playing at ½ paisa tables and learn the game as you play. You can also watch a video on the dashboard which teaches you the basics of poker.

Step 3: If you are a regular player, you can start playing by simply depositing money in your account. You can deposit as low at Rs. 10 to start playing. Usually, they offer a promo code which helps you get some extra on money on your first deposit. You can use different payment options like Paytm, RBL Bank, Mastercard, SBI, Axis Bank, Cashfree and PayUbiz.

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How to Withdraw Money

9stacks Withdraw Methods

For withdrawal, they have the fastest payout system. Whatever you win, it gets credited to your bank account within 2 hours. To simplify the tax treatment of poker winnings, they use a “Dual Chip”.

  • User chips, which is for player’s User Balance
  • Poker chips, which is for player’s Poker Balance

When you register with 9stacks, in the beginning, you User Balance and poker Balance is zero automatically.

The User Balance serves as a link between your bank account/credit cards and 9stacks. The money deposited by you is converted into User Chips and reflect in your User Balance.

Since these User Chips have been not be disbursed to poker yet, so you can withdraw your amount for user Balance anytime into your bank account. This withdrawal will not have any TDS involvement.

To start your game cycle, you need to add User Chips to your Poker Balance. You can move some or all the chips from your User Balance to Poker Balance. Any bonuses that you enjoy are directly credited to you Poker Balance.

Using this Poker Balance, you can participate in cash tables and tournaments.

After your game ends, you can transfer your Poker Balance to your User Balance. No partial withdrawals are allowed, so you must withdraw the full amount at one go. TDS will only be applicable if your balance exceeds 10,000. But you don’t have to worry about your TDS calculations as 9stacks will do it for you. After deducting your applicable TDS from your Poker Balance, they will deposit it with tax authorities and in return, will issue you a TDS certificate. The rest of your User Balance will be transferred to your source of payment.

Note: After you have withdrawal all the chips form the Poker Balance, your balance it reset. While you are withdrawing from Poker Balance, you can also make many deposits room User Balance to Poker Balance. In such cases, the total shall be taken into consideration while calculating taxable earnings.

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User Interface and Other Features

9stacks User Interface

Once you visit the website www.9stacks.com, you will be presented with one of the biggest poker sites in India with best user experience, big layout and various options like tournaments, offers, and promotions at first instance. The website is responsive, user-friendly with fast loading ability. At the right-hand side of the homepage, the user will be asked to login/ sign up in order to participate in different poker tournaments. While scrolling down the user will be presented with various tabs available in order to check out the list of all the upcoming tournaments that the user can join as a member, participation time and process and terms and conditions required to play the tournament.

At the bottom of the page, the user will be introduced with various relevant details highlighting the best user experience, transparent financial system and resolving all the legalities concerns.

9stacks Promotions

  • Big Bang

big bang

Big Bang is a 2/4 stake poker tournament, where the user can win up to 450 daily. The user can earn a reward on every challenge, the challenge list is given below. If a user plays at least 99 hands-on 2/4 tables in the day he will get a free ticket of Multiplier tournament that happens every day at 9 PM. Each challenge can be completed by a player up to 3 times in a single day.

  • Century Special

Century Special

Century special is a, where the user can win up to Rs.1200 daily and weekly prize money of 2 Lakhs. Here is a list of daily challenges
Each challenge will be rewarded for a maximum 2 times on each stake. The daily/ weekly payouts will be credited to the poker balance by 7 PM of the next day.

  • Power Play Series

Power Play Series

Presenting the power play series that consist of 28 tournaments ( worth 1.8 crores GTD) spread over 4 weeks between 21st April to 17th May 201, the winner stands a chance to win a trip at the Las Vegas.
Top four winners will win a Vegas Package worth 2 Lakhs – on top of all the leaderboard winnings!

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9stacks Offers

  • Sunday Xtreme Offer

Sunday Xtreme Offer

9stacks is running a Sunday Xtreme offer where the user can deposit Rs 1000 using code XTREME1K and win ONE entry ticket worth Rs. 275 to the Sunday Xtreme (1 lakh GTD) Tournament!
Although, the ticket will expire within the 15 days from the point of deposit.

  • Boom Sunday

Boom Sunday

Boom Sunday is a 9 stack offer, where the user needs to deposit Rs. 12000 using code: BM28APR and will win one entry ticket worth Rs 2200 for the Sunday Boom tournament (2.5 Lakh GTD). Remember the code can only be used once.

  • Hi-Stackup Offer

Hi-Stackup Offer

9stacks is running a Hi-Stackup offer, where the user needs to deposit 12000 using code HISU26APR and win a Hi-Stack (2.5 L GTD) entry ticket worth 2200.
The code can be used only once.

  • Prime Time Offer

Prime Time Offer

9 stacks are running a Primetime offer, where the user needs to deposit 5000 and get a Wankhede (2.5 L GTD) entry ticket worth Rs 2750.
The code can be used once and will expire after the 15 days from the date of deposit.

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Why 9stacks?

  • Fastest Withdrawals

Fastest Withdrawals

9stacks guarantees to transfer the money in your account within 2 hours, the user can request for cash out anytime 24*7 but the user can only request the cash out only after completing KYC till level 3. Cash out request shall be made between 8 PM to 10 AM and the money would be processed by 12:00 noon next day. The user can add more than one account in his/ her 9 stack account, but both the accounts should belong to the user. The fast cash out will only be made to the bank account, not to any other mediums like a credit card, debit card, and wallet.

  • Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

At 9stacks, we have designed our loyalty program “StackUp” to be simple to use and genuinely beneficial to you. For every 10 Rupees of rake that you generate (Net of GST), you will earn 1 StackUp point. All Stack Up points can be redeemed for an equal number of chips in your Poker Balance. In addition, As you earn more StackUp points, you will move up to Silver/Gold, etc as described below.
9 Stacks has designed its own loyalty program “Stack Up” to make the process genuine and simple for the users. All the stack up points can be redeemed for the equal number of chips available in the user poker balance. The more we earn the stack up points, the user will be upgraded to silver/ gold, etc.
Although, you can redeem only 100 stack points once every day

  • Easiest Interface

Easiest Interface

The 9stacks core aim is to provide seamless gaming experience any day anytime. The user can easily download the 9 stack App on your phone/ tablet, it is available on Google play store and Ios app store.
The user can also download the poker client for desktop and use the 9 stack application easily.

  • Private Tables

Private Tables

9 Stacks has laid huge emphasis on privacy, 9 stacks understand that there are two kinds of poker games. Firstly, those who play competitive poker games, secondly those who play the game for just fun.
If you belong to the second category, 9 stacks have made it easy to play poker games with your friends at your own private and password protected table.

  • New Player Heaven

New Player Heaven

9stacks has given special importance to failed experienced players so that they don’t get discouraged from the failures. The number 1 poker platform offers freeroll tournaments (free entry, newbies tables, and tournaments) with 0 entry fees and chance to win real prize money.

  • 100% Legal

100% LegalImage Source

9stacks app is fully compliant and 100% legal within all the Indian laws. The cash-out and payment shall be made through blue-chip payment gateways and the money will be directly transferred to your bank accounts.

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About 9stacks

9stacks foundersImage Source

One of the fastest growing online poker platforms, 9stacks is an ideal destination for new and regular pokers players to play poker, develop skills and earn money. A highly, reliable, safe, and trusted poker website, 9stacks is 100 percent legal and is played in accordance with Indian laws and regulations.

Boasting of one of the most easy-to-use intuitive interfaces, one can play the game of poker seamlessly, on phone or computer.

Sudhir Kamath

A master in the game of Poker, Sudhir Kamath earned his degree from Delhi Institute of Technology. He holds an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad and firmly believes in the idea of switching between ideas/big picture and execution/micro detail.
Sudhir Kamath is the CEO and co-founder of 9stacks and Poker. His job responsibility includes- ensuring that the people working at 9stacks know what they are doing and have the right set of resources to do what they need to.
Prior to Poker, Sudhir worked as a managing director at Suntera Energy- one of India’s few oil exploration companies successfully producing hydrocarbons outside of India.
In addition to this, he has also been an angel investor which includes INI farms, (India’s leading exporter of fresh fruits) where he’s on the board.

Pratik Kumar

From selling lingerie and lipsticks to become one of the co-founders in 9stacks, it has been an inspiring journey of Pratik Kumar. A postgraduate student from IIT-Kharagpur in Computer Science and Engineering, Pratik Kumar was a part of the founding team of Zivame and headed marketing and product. His interests then took him to Nykaa as Chief Marketing Officer. He then founded Green Giraffes- a multi-faceted consulting firm that provides valuable pieces of advice to startups. Pratik Kumar introduced a platform at 9stacks where players of all skill levels could come and compete equally at all times. When he is not playing poker, he is busy emptying the coffers (of course he calls it marketing) or is busy meddling with the product.

Abhinav Nigam

An Alumni of IIT-Kharagpur, Abhinav Nigam boasts of 12 years of experience in business growth and cost optimization. From Kalahandi Forests in Odisha to Eastern Deserts of Saudi, from Papua in Eastern Indonesia to Salt Lake Valley in Utah, Abhinav has worked in remotest of places on Earth.
Till about a year ago, Abhinav was an amateur who knew nothing about Poker besides it involves playing cards and money. However, he is progressing quickly and has recently discovered that he is a natural. He is widely known for his unique moves and has caused upset to some of the seasoned players of the game on quite a few occasions.
On the work front, Abhinav makes sure that 9stacks policies are clear and transparent. He has ensured that 9stacks always stays on the right side of the law, meets all regulatory, and tax compliances never uses player’s money in Business activities and return players due in the minimum possible time.

Rishabh Mathur

A tech giant, Rishabh Mathur is a graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from IIT-Kharagpur. An enforcer, Rishabh is the one who has always initiated ideas to improve the gaming experience at 9stacks.
Rishabh looks after the security and data integrity in a bid to enhance the 9stacks experience for all users. In addition to that, he has completed devoted himself to provide an impeccable user experience and scalability.

Legality | Is 9stacks legal in India?


India’s fastest growing poker platform, 9stacks is 100 percent legal and is played in accordance with Indian laws and regulations.

9stacks is considered as a game of skill where the results are primarily based on the element of skill. The game of poker has been recognized as legal by various high courts in India.

However, Poker has been banned in states such as Odisha, Assam, Telangana, Sikkim, and Nagaland and is deemed as a punishable offense. 9stacks do not permit the users from the above-mentioned states to play the game on the platform and reserves the right to debar the users with immediate effect.

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Referral System

9stacks Referral System

A highly rewarding referral program, 9stacks Connectors club gives you and your friend the opportunity to earn up to Rs. 10,000. All you have to do is share your personalized referral code to your friends to sign up to the platform. Every time your friend reaches a simple milestone, both of you will be rewarded with exciting prizes.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

One of the best platform to play poker, 9Stacks gives you a wide variety of poker games to choose from. A platform where you can play the game anytime, anywhere and win big cash prizes, every hour and every day.

9stacks functions as one of the fastest withdrawal systems, guarantying the users to get their money within two hours. Also, it offers you private and protected tables where you can play privately with your friends, along with other services like Loyalty Program, Easiest Interface, etc.

Customer Support at 9stacks

Customer Support at 9stacks

The customer support team of 9stacks is reachable at [email protected]. The queries during business hours are answered within two hours. The team is also planning to launch live chat/phone options in the coming months.

Given the minimum deposit is INR 100, first cash out to a new bank account takes 24 working hours as the bank takes time for beneficiary validation. Subsequent cashouts are currently processed within 4 business hours.

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