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What is Adda52?


Adda52 is India’s leading online poker gaming portal. Currently, the website is turning heads of poker fanatics from all over the country due to its advanced features and “one-of-a-kind” gaming interface. It is the perfect gaming destination for every poker fan who wants to enjoy unlimited poker playing experience. Adda52 is a “world-class” online gaming platform where players can participate in poker cash games and tournaments in popular variants i.e Texas Hold’em, Omaha (Pot Limit, Hi/Lo), and Crazy Pineapple and win breathtaking prizes.

With over 16 Lac players and counting, Adda52 has established its name as the most trusted and authentic poker playing platform in India.

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The features of Adda52 which separate it from other online gaming portals of the country:

  • Attractive & user-friendly gaming interface.
  • Fair & genuine gameplay.
  • Poker games (Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Cray Pineapple) which are available 24X7 on the website.
  • Amazing regular promotions & deposit offers.
  • Quick & transparent payment process.
  • Huge cash rewards & exhilarating bonuses.
  • Opportunity to compete with the best online poker players of the country
  • Mind-blowing benefits for loyalty club members.
  • Multi-table feature which allows the user to play on multiple tables simultaneously using flick navigation.
  • Dedicated customer support. Players can contact through call, live chat, or e-mail for game-related queries.

Origin theories of Poker

Origin theories of Poker

Poker is a skill-based card game. Playing poker requires observation, calculations, strategies, and knowledge of the game. Here are some popular theories about the origin of the game:

Offline Poker – The offline poker was introduced somewhere in 1829 in the United States of America. The game started to spread among other countries with time and ultimately became the most popular card game variant in the world. This version of poker is favored by players who love to travel and visit various national and international live poker rooms to play poker.

Online Poker – Due to the easy accessibility of the internet and mobile devices, online poker is surging in popularity worldwide. Earlier there were only a few gaming websites available which were offering poker but due to the increasing demand of players for a strategy and adventurous card game, gaming companies launched poker and other card games online. The online version of poker proved to be phenomenally successful among all ages and genders and quickly rose to become one of the most played online card games worldwide. Now there are tons and tons of poker websites available online which are offering different variants of poker games.

How to Play Online Poker on

how to play adda52 is one of the top favorites for both amateur and professional poker players because of its user-friendly features and highly entertaining game variants.

Sign up process is simple and players can create an account on the website for free. Account verification is necessary to play cash games. Once created, you can easily access all information about your account i.e. total balance, loyalty points, bonus chips, etc, in “My Account” section. You can play cash games and tournaments on Adda52 and win big cash prizes and enormous bonuses. The website hosts satellites where participants can win entry tickets for major live national and international poker tournaments.

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Play from various devices

Play from various devices

You can download Adda52 app and install it on your smartphones, tablets, and laptops to play poker anytime and anywhere. Games are available 24×7 on the website.

Windows OS – Windows users can easily download the game and install it on computer systems to enjoy unlimited poker. Players can download the Windows version from the website for free. Click here to download

Android phones – You can download Adda52 app easily on your android devices to access all poker games in different formats such as Sit & Go games, multi-table tournaments, and freeroll games. Click here to download.

MAC OS – Mac OS version is also available on the website. You can download Adda52 app on your Apple computers and enjoy playing your favorite game anytime you want. Click here to download

Instant play through the website – Players can play directly on the website using internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, etc) without downloading and installing the application on their devices.

How to create an account in Adda52

How to create an account in Adda52

The modern technology programs have allowed website builder to install an easy way to register an account in the poker website from time to time. Adda52 follows one of the modern methods by allowing people to register with the help of their email address in an effective way. It is highly recommended for people to use accurate and primary email address while registering for an account in the website because it helps up to no regular updates without compromising of the budget on a regular basis. Adda52 offers an easy way to stay in touch and updated with the help of emails sent to the registered email address from time to time.

Deposit Methods in Adda52

Adda52 Deposit Methods

Players can easily make a deposit on the website using any of the following methods:

Credit and Debit cards – The website accepts deposits through any Credit Card (Visa/Master Card) or Debit Card (Visa/Master Card/Maestro/Rupay).  The adda52 website does not allow people to use International cards so foreigners or Indian players with foreign accounts cannot play cash games on the website.


Online Net banking – You can also make a deposit on the website using the net banking option. You can easily select your bank from the list in the “Buy Chips” option and make a payment directly from your bank account. 


Online Wallet/Pay by UPI – Player can purchase chips using their online wallets like Mobikwi, Paytm, AirtelMoney, OlaMoney etc and UPI (Unified Payment Interface).


How to make a deposit

  1. Click on the “Buy Chips” option in the “My Account” section.
  2. Select amount from the drop-down list, enter code SUPER500 and click “Buy Chips” to proceed.
  3. Select the payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Wallet/Pay by UPI).
  4. Complete the transaction on the payment gateway site.
  5. You can see the updated real chips balance in “Account Summary” of your account.

If you face any problem while making the purchase, you can contact Adda52 through phone (1800-3000-0611) or e-mail ([email protected]). Chat feature is also available where players can communicate directly with customer care representatives.

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How to withdraw money from Adda52

How to withdraw money from Adda52

Withdrawing money from the website is a quick and simple process. The website has tied-up with multiple banks and payments gateways to process smooth payments of the customers. The minimum amount to redeem from the website is Rs.100. Mobile number is compulsory to make a redemption request. It is required for verification as well as to send details to the user of the financial transactions (deposit and withdraw) in the account on a regular basis. The amount that the player request to redeem will be instantly deducted from his adda52 account. It will no longer be available to play. 

Player can withdraw money through online transfers or through cheque. To receive the money through cheque, player needs to update his physical address on the website. A cheque may take up to two weeks to get delivered. For online transfer, player needs to update his bank account details on the website.

How to withdraw money from your website account

  1. Click on “Redeem Chips” option in My Account” section.
  2. Fill the required details including City, Pin code, and State.
  3. Fill the “Redeem Amount” and select mode of redemption (by cheque or online transfer).
  4. Click “Submit”.

Adda52 deducts 30% TDS on winnings above Rs. 10,000 which makes the winning amount entirely legal. Player can easily transfer the prize money into his bank account. 

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Types of Poker

 Types of Poker

# Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker. Many national and international poker tournaments i.e. WPT and WSOP are played in Texas Hold’em format.

How to Play

Every participant on the table gets two cards (hole cards) face down. A total of five cards (community cards) are showed on the table in the betting rounds (first 3 cards on flop, 1 card on turn, and 1 on river). Player needs to create the best five card combination as per the hand ranking to win the hand. He can use one or both hole cards with community cards (3 or 4) or no hole cards at all and form his hand using just the community cards.

After distributing the cards, betting round ensues and every player acts (call, raise, or fold) on his turn, as per the strength of his hole cards. Players can bet or fold their cards based on the possibility of having best card combination with the use of hole cards and community cards. The player with the best card combination wins the game.

# Omaha

Omaha is another immensely popular type of poker across the globe.

How To Play

Rules to play Omaha are quite similar to Texas Hold’em. The difference is, players get four hole cards instead of two. Player needs to create the best five-card combination using only 2 of his hole cards and 3 of community cards.

Types of Omaha games-

PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) – In this variant, player can bet only that much amount that is available in the pot at the time of betting. For example- if the pot is 500, the player can bet maximum 500 on his turn.

No Limit Omaha – In this variant, player can bet any amount that his chip stack allows.

Fixed Limit Omaha- Player can bet only a specific amount which is determined before the starting of the game.

PLO version of Omaha is available on Adda52 poker to play.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi/Lo is a type of Omaha poker where the pot splits between the players with the highest and the lowest five card combination. Rest of the rules are similar to Omaha game. Player receives 4 hole cards from which he can use only 2 along with 3 community cards to form the best card combination.

# Crazy Pineapple

Rules to play Crazy Pineapple are similar to Texas Hold’em with a crazy twist.

How To Play

The player receives 3 hole cards instead of 2 and he discards 1 hole card after the flop round. It is up to the player to find out which card is less valuable for him in forming the best five card combination.

Disable 3rd party apps

Disable 3rd party apps

It is necessary for every Android user to enable external third-party apps by visiting settings window on the mobile phone because the application will be downloaded directly from the website. It is highly recommended for people to check for the proper source before downloading the application because it helps them to identify the genuine app to avoid being a target of any kind of online scamming and fraudulent activities.

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