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In July 2017, Sports Ministry started to work in the direction of legalizing betting in sports in the country. Although, gambling is illegal in India but there are no clear rules for online betting in the country and many foreign websites have used this loophole to establish themselves in the Indian markets. These activities have costed Indian economy a loss of Rs. 3 lakh crores annually due to illegal betting. However, this could be changed soon as the government is working to legalize the betting in sports events. Even Supreme Court sought the views of Law Commission in this regard and the later agreed that sports betting in India, especially Cricket could be legalized by the government with special laws and framework in Place.

Betrally India

There is still a long way to go on this front and the online websites for betting continues to thrive in Indian markets. Last year, one of the leaders in online betting worldwide Betrally launched their website, a platform for sports betting for Indian markets.

#What is Betrally?

Betrally is the leader in online sports betting in European countries and they provide online betting platform for sports enthusiast to use their knowledge to bet on the games being played worldwide. The website collects data or odds from various markets and provide it to the users for placing bets.


To understand betrally better let’s take an example of an IPL match. Considering that the user is an avid follower of game and he/she is interested in checking if they can predict what is going to happen in the game. Based on these predictions, the user will place the bet according to his/her understanding. If the prediction is successful, the website pays back the user at a defined rate. For e.g. Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings are going to play the match in IPL. Betrally provides its user the option on betting on various markets. That means the user can bet in the favor of one team winning the match or how many runs will be scored in the powerplay, how many runs will the team batting first will score, if the total runs scored in the match would exceed a certain number, which team will score maximum sixes, or will it be a draw etc.

Such predictions made by user are paid against a unit of currency for example, If CSK wins the match, the website will pay you Rs. 1.65 for every rupee bet on this prediction. These experiences make the sport more interesting and full of excitement for the viewers. The online platform boasts to have maximum number of games included in the list for online betting sites. It provides options to users for betting not only on sports but also on E-sports, MMA and Virtual Sports. The platform also provides Casino, Games, Live Casino services for earning money.

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There are about 60,000 different betting events weekly where users can bet through 2000 bet types over 60 sports. Betrally provides for the infusion of extra passion into the game through its convenient and secure services.

# How to place a bet on Betrally?

How to place a bet on Betrally

  1. Create and account: Placing a bet on Betrally is super easy. But before you start placing bet, you would need to create an account on the platform and add money to your account. While registering for the site you would need to fill up some basic details like First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Country, Address and Mobile Number. The website will also require you to fill up the details like your preferred currency for betting and in which way you want the odds to be displayed (Decimal, American or Fractional)
  2. Read term and conditions: For betting online, the user must be above 18 years of age and he/she should go through the terms and conditions of the platform before crating the account and proceeding with the betting process. After creating the account online.
  3. Add money to your account: User can add money to their accounts using various payment methods listed below and can start betting. There are some conditions on depositing and withdrawing money to the platform which are listed in the sections below.
  4. Search for your preferred sports: You can search from a wide variety of Sports being shown on the left side of the website.
  5. Select the market: After selecting the sport, you can select from the markets and bet on different types of options.
  6. Add the rate: Once you select the market and your bet, you can multiply the amount you want to bet on the right side of the screen and then place the bets

Note: Betrally provides you with the option of placing bet in combos (available for specific bets)

Types of bets Description
Single Simplest form. Predict the outcome, define the stakes and place the bet. If the prediction is correct, you win, and the winning sum is calculated by multiplying the odds with your stake.
Combos If you wish to place 2 or more bets (like 2 IPL games), it becomes Combos. That means these 2 bets can be combined in which the odds will be displayed by multiplying the odds of individual bet. To win, all the individual predictions must come true.
System If you select 3 or more different bets upto 8, the System bet option is activated. The available System bets will be displayed on the System tab and information is provided for each one.

The advantage of System bet is that all your predictions need not to come true for winning like in Combos. Win is specified as per the System bet placed i.e. in 2/4 system you win if 2 predictions come true. Each System bet has it own criteria, information of which is displayed in the System tab.

Handicap It is used in those cases where one competitor is far better than other. For e.g. If you are betting on a game between Japan vs Portugal football match using a Handicap bet, it will give Japan a head start. Handicap 0-3, this would mean that the bet would consider that Japan had score 3 goals already and Portugal need to score atleast 4 to win the match. Accordingly, you can bet on any of the team.
Each-way This type consists of 2 parts – Win and Place. Win part focuses on your bet winning the competition and Place part focuses on your selection finishing up in the numbered position.

Let’s understand this by F1 race. If you bet on Fernando Alonso using each-way bet, half of your bet stakes will be doubled with half being allocated on Alonso winning the race and other half will be used to predict the position he will finish in if he finishes in certain position likes (1-2-3). This increases the chances of winning and the chances to increase your winnings.

Teaser Used for American Football and Basketball games. It allows the user to adjust the game totals and point spread in 2 or more matches. All the predictions need to come true for the payout. The no of teams and points selected are used to calculate the odds.
Fast Markets This allows user to bet on live games while predicting a specific event to happen in next 1 to 5 minutes. Mostly used in football, predictions like a goal or a corner or a free kick or throw-in or a penalty or goal-kick will be awarded in the time frame of 1 to 5 minutes.

# How to check rates on Betrally website.

How to check rates on Betrally

The rates or odd are displayed next to the predictions. For e.g. if you are betting on “Full Time Winner” of CSK vs DD match in IPL, after the selection of market as FT Winner, you will see the rate or odd being displayed on the side of each team. This odd suggests what will be the payout in case of CSK or DD winning the match.

# Deposit Methods on Betrally

Deposit Methods on Betrally

Betrally provides a lot of ways in which you can add money to your account, some of which are listed below.

Type of Method Description Processing time Fee Minimum Deposit Max amount per single Transaction
IMPS Bank Transfer Transfer directly from your Indian bank account in INR using this facility Up to 30 minutes According to bank Rs. 500 Rs. 300,000
Credit/Debit Card Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Next step would be of account verification where the company will require the user to send personal documents to authorize the payment through this method Instant Depending on exchange rate Rs. 500 Rs. 49,000
Skrill Like PayTm Digital Wallet, except that it is used across Europe Instant Free Rs. 500 Rs. 100,000
Neteller It’s an online payments bank like we have Airtel Money and PayTm Payments Bank in India, where you can deposit money using credit/debit cards or bank transfers Instant Free Rs. 500 Rs. 100,000
ecoPayz It’s an online account that allows user to pay and receive money from websites and persons around the world Instant Free Rs. 500 Rs. 100,000

Note: Credit/Debit cards being issued by the Indian banks in India does not support transaction where the money is being transferred outside the country and most of the times the transaction is declined. Therefore, the payment gateway might reject the transaction through Credit/Debit card from India. Also, the company verifies the credit and debit card to be used for further use by requesting personal documents which could be a hassle for Indian customers.

#How to deposit Money on Betrally | Step by Step guide

Here are the step by step guide to deposit money in your Betrally account.

After login your account, you will see ‘Deposit‘ button on the top right side of your dashboard.

After you click on the ‘Deposit‘ button a pop up screen will be appear, you will see no. of deposit methods there, select your preferable method. Fill the Amount.. For IMPS or NEFT you will find the local bank details, copy those details and make the payment after your payment fill the others details like RRN, remark, your bank details etc.

After you fill all the details, click on the {Deposit ‘amount’} button.

On successful transcation you will see a Thank you message on the pop up screen and the amount will be reflect instantly. In case of IMPS or NEFT amount will be reflect only after manual review (which usually takes 30 minutes).


# How to Withdraw Money from Betrally?

The money can be withdrawn using the following methods;

Withdraw Money from Betrally

Method Process Time Fee Minimum Withdrawal
Bank Transfer Up to 24 hours Depending on bank Rs. 1000
Skrill 1-2 days Free Rs. 500
Neteller 1-2 days Free Rs. 500
ecoPayz 1-2 days Free Rs. 500
Credit/Debit Card 3-5 days Free Rs. 500

Points to remember before withdrawing:

  1. Withdrawal can be done only from Sports Cash accounts. Users who wish to withdraw their earnings from Casino Cash Account would need to transfer the amount first to the Sports Cash Account.
  2. All withdrawals will be done through the method which was used to deposit the money. Also, in case of Bank Transfer, the account holder name should be same as the name used to register on the website.
  3. Maximum winnings in a day that can be accrued – €50,000.00 or currency equivalent (any 24-hour period)
  4. Maximum withdrawal in a month – €20,000.00 or currency equivalent (any 30-day period)
  5. Maximum Withdrawal in terms of Casino/ Games winnings – €2,000.00 or currency equivalent per week (any 7-day period)
  6. 1 Credit/Debit/Bank Transfer withdrawal allowed per month (30-day period), with any additional operational charges. Next withdrawals in the same month will be charged at €5.
  7. Users need to roll over the deposits at least 3 times before requesting for a withdrawal. If done before that, the site will charge additional operational fee of 8% of the withdrawal amount.

# Customer Support:

The website has a 24X7 customer support to aid their customers in all forms. The customer support team can be contacted either by email at [email protected] or can be reached through phone calls at +35924925718. The team usually takes 24 hours to reply to the email querries and can provide you efficient support in any matter.

However, there have been some customers in past that have not received the desired support and has taken to social media for spreading the word to the world. Since, the company is trying to get a foothold in Indian market it is expected that a special preference would be given to users from India. Also there are third parties like that are ready to provide you support in getting your concern resolved from Betrally executives.

# How Secure is Betrally Platform?

The website boasts that it is one of the most safe and secure place to place to enjoy sports betting. They have accreditations and certifications for global leaders in terms of firewall protection, encryption of data, account protection and verification procedurals.

The company secures each financial transaction using 128-bit SSL encryption technology. Th company secures the card transactions using a secure FTP or line. Also, additional card verification is done to stop the misuse of credit cards. If the company finds any discrepancy in the data provided, the account of the user is suspended automatically. The company uses a firewall protection of user accounts and they have the feature of “auto time-out” which help them from preventing unauthorized use of user accounts.

# About Betrally?

Betrally India is the dedicated subsidiary of Betrally that has been into the online betting market from 2010. They have presence all over Europe. The company is owned by ZapZap Marketing Ltd which is based in Cyprus and has the license to do the business from Curacao. The company has made its presence felt in European markets and is quite famous in Poland. Stats suggest that t80% of the visitors on its website hails from the Poland only.

The company is setting its eye on huge betting market in India and considering the fact that Indian Government is working towards making the Sport Betting legal in the country is a big advantage for the website. This move gives them an edge over other competitors like and others. The Company is providing some Indian experience for the users by providing bet in Indian Currency and on the sports like Kabaddi and Cricket which are quite famous in the country. Users needs to have a verified account as unverified accounts could create a lot of problems in the later stages.

The platform provides around 60,000 unique betting events every week and in 60 different sports. Thus, users can bet of 2000 different types and add the extra quotient to their favorite sports. The company is looking forward to capitalizing on the passionate supporters of the games in India who are ready to take the zeal to another level by using their knowledge and skills to earn some money. The launch of indicates how far online betting has come in India. Gone are those days when it used to be run by shady bookies using illegal means of money laundering.

# Pro and Cons of Betrally


  1. It offers local bank transfer thus enabling user to add money in Indian Currency.
  2. The website is designed for specific focus on Indian markets and consumers.
  3. The bet is placed in Indian Currency and thus users do not loose money in exchange rates.
  4. The company is providing a big welcome bonus of up to Rs. 15,000 for its new users.
  5. The support provided to Indian customers will be specialized


  1. The website has limited casino selections for Indian customers.
  2. The support system has some glitches and can be improved by providing localized customer support teams.
  3. Credit/Debit cards have problems while adding money as most of the Indian issued cards does not work on online payment services like Neteller and Skrill.

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